1986  GHOSTER BUSTERS (30"X12episode TV series)

        1987  VYTOR (30"X4episode TV series)

                 CAPTAIN NINTENDO (30"X14episode TV series)

        1988  KARATE KIDS (30"X13episode TV series)

        1989  CAPTAIN PLANET (30"X18episode TV series)

        1991  BATMAN BEYOND (30"X178episode TV series/WARNER Bros./1991-2001)

        1993  MIGHTY MAX (30"X21episode TV series/FILM ROMAN)

                 BATMAN (80" Home Video/WARNER Bros.)

        1994  SYLVESTER & TWEETY (30"X4episode TV series/WARNER Bros.)

        1995  FRICAZOID (30"X22episode TV series/WARNER Bros.)

                 GARGOYLES (30"X7Episode TV series/WALT DISNEY)

        1996  SUPER MAN (30"X49episode/TV series/WARNER Bros./1996-1998)

1997  101 DALMATIANS (15"X20episode/TV series/WALT DISNEY)

         BATMAN (80" Home Video/WARNER Bros.)

1998  HISTERIA (30"X25episode/TV series/WARNER Bros.)

         ANIMANIACS (30"X3episode/TV series/WARNER Bros.)

         BIG GUY (30"X19episode/TV series/SONY PICTURES/1998-1999)

         JOHNNY BRAVO (10"X57episode/TV series/WARNER Bros./1998-2000)

1999  SPIDERMAN (30"X13episode/TV series/SABAN ENTERTAINMENTS)

         BATMAN BEYOND - Return of the jocker (80" HOME VIDEO/WARNER Bros.)

2000  NASCAR RACER (30"X16episode/TV series/SABAN/2000)

         ZETA (30"X13episode/TV series/WARNER Bros./2000)

2001  TOTALLY SPIES (30"X26episode/TV series/MARATHON/2001-2002)

         JUSTICE LEAGUE (30"X50episode/TV series/WARNER Bros./2001-2003)

2002  ODYSSEY (30"X3episode/TV series/MARATHON/2001)

         THE PROUD FAMILY (30"X5/TV series/HYPERION/2002)

         HEMAN (30"X14episode/TV series/MIKE YOUNG/2002-2003)

         STATIC (30"X12episode/TV series/WARNER Bros./2002-2003)

2003  MUCHA RUCHA (15"X12episode/TV series/WARNER Bros./2003-2004/Flash-Ani.)

         XIAOLIN SHOW DOWN (30"X6episode/TV series/WARNER Bros.)


         DA BOOM CREW (30"X13episode/TV series/BFCP/German)

         BATMAN (30"X13episode/TV series/WARNER Bros.)

2005  ZULA PATROL (30"X26episode/TV series/NM8/US/CGI-Ani.)

         COCONUT FREDs (15"X12episode/TV series/WARNER Bros.)


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